Sêma Lao, Le mur de Bourges n°13

Today we meet the French artist Sêma Lao for her participation in Mur de Bourges (France) organized by the collective URB'ANNALE.

Sêma Lao, the genesis

Sêma Lao, her real name ... Sêma Lao (no need to find a blaze when it sounds so good), is a young painter of Sino-German origin. Born from a German mother and a Chinese dad, Sema means "sign" in Greek.

Sêma Lao, en pleine action
Sema Lao in action on the Bourges wall. (by Diane)

Sêma Lao, Nantes, bords de Sèvre
First graffiti I found without knowing it was her before meeting her :) (Nantes, edges of Sèvre)

She entered in the world of graffiti around the age of 22, but before that she was rather acrylic, dry pastel or oil, that she handled brilliantly.
A somewhat unsuccessful experience in a decoration association, however, allowed her to be known outside her native region.
It was in 2012 that the artist C215 invited her to paint in Vitry-sur-Seine, a stepping stone that she managed to take to get where she is now.

Sêma Lao with C215, Vitry
SEMA Lao on his trash ^^ at the invitation of C215 in Vitry-sur-Seine.

Sêma Lao, the recognition

Her artworks can now be found in several other countries such as Italy, England or even Scotland.

Sêma is the 163rd artist to have participated in the famous M.U.R Oberkampf in Paris in 2014. This is one of the first large-mural works she has done outside her Limousin region.

Sêma Lao, le M.U.R Oberkampf, Paris
Sêma Lao, 163rd artist of M.U.R Oberkampf in Paris in 2014.

She also repainted a six-storey building in Blois with the portrait of Angela Yvonne Davis, a human rights activist, professor of philosophy and communist activist of American nationality.

Sêma Lao's style

She considers herself a "muralist", a painter in love with the outdoors.
Childhood is the main subject of her artworks. "It's a time that builds us, both positive and negative, years of carelessness and innocence."
We have all been children and she tries through her colorful paintings, showing faces of children sometimes smiling, sometimes melancholy, to remind us and help us escape.

UEC kesako ?!

Sema signs her works with the mention "UEC". What is the relationship you going to tell me. Well here is her explanation: "Do not read it from left to right, UEC, but from top to bottom, which gives CMA. Diminutive Sema!"
Sêma Lao, UEC signature
UEC, CMA, Sêma !

Le mur de Bourges

Let's talk now about the news that interests us: The Bourges wall.
An event organized by the collective URB'ANNALE taking up the concept of the MUR (Modular, Urban, Creative) of Paris.

It took barely two days for Sema to realize her mural. She made us languish 10min longer than the schedule of the vernissage (artists know how to be desired :)) but the result is definitely there.

Eve, her six-week-old daughter, having posed in her dad's hands, is now on the arts center of Bourges for the next 2 months. The little girl was present at the opening of her giant portrait, well wrapped on the belly of his dad.
A very good visibility because the festival "Le printemps de Bourges" will begin on April 16 and will welcome more than 200 000 onlookers who can admire the artwork of Sema.

Sema Lao in action on the Bourges wall
Sêma Lao, with its yellow oilskin, in action on the wall of the former Maison de la Culture in Bourges

Sêma Lao finished work on the Bourges wall
The mural of Sêma Lao, his little girl in the hands of his dad

Sêma Lao, opening of the Bourges wall.
Opening of Sêma Lao's work on the Bourges wall.

Sêma Lao, next

You can find her right now in Forlì in Italy for the "Street Art 2019 - Murali per il Risorgimento" https://www.facebook.com/events/810863892624104/

Find the artworks of Sêma Lao on website.
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