Discover street art in cities around the world

Street art has become a global phenomenon in recent years, with street artists creating works in the cities of all continents. It can take many forms, ranging from graffiti to murals through installations and performance.

Street art has long been considered an act of vandalism, but it has gradually been recognized as a form of artistic expression as such.

The main street art centers are found in North, southern America, Europe and Australia. Cities like New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Paris and Melbourne have well -established street art scenes and have welcomed internationally renowned artists.

In South America, street art was used as a means of social and political demand, with artists using their works to denounce inequalities and corruption. In Europe, street art is often considered a form of cultural expression, with artists exploring themes such as identity, popular culture and history.

In Australia, street art is considered a means of renovating disadvantaged neighborhoods and creating a feeling of community. Cities like Melbourne have adopted policies aimed at promoting street art, inviting artists to paint walls in neighborhoods in difficulty.

American cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco also have a very dense street art scene, with local artists and other internationals coming to put their style on the walls of these cities.

In short, street art has become a global phenomenon, with artists creating works in the cities of all continents. It is now considered as a singular form of artistic expression which contributes to urban revitalization and tourism. Cities around the world have understood the advantages of this art form and encourage them more and more.

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