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Bilmo is an uncommercial German streetartist representing the region around the streetart hot spots of Duesseldorf and Cologne. He is focussing on handmade stickers and paste-ups. In many of his works he counteracts the machismo of the 1970s´action cinema by using recurring peaceful elements, such as flowers, or tuns it into ridiculous ones by inventing a new kind of art: the Ploppart. The aesthetization of the violent and brutal male star as a likeable person is thereby virtually dissolved without taking his favourite actor Clint Eastwood the status of a grandiose hero who determined masculinity in movies over decades. Bilmo advocates not taking everything he does seriously. Some things are just fun. And we all should have fun. "Street Art might be subversive but first of all, it should entertain. Catching eyes." That´s Bilmo´s credo. He is part of the No Hate Family (more than 700 artists already and still growing) - an initiative of international streetartists against hate.