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Hannes Höhlig, known by the alias Age Age, was born in Ludwigsfelde in 1983 and raised in Falkensee, a suburb of Berlin. His initial exposure to graffiti and street art in the late 1990s laid the groundwork for his artistic journey. Around 1998, he made his initial forays into spray can art, focusing on classic graffiti lettering.

In 2005, he relocated to Düsseldorf to pursue studies in communication design. There, he honed his skills, expanding his graphic and illustrative expertise, including the construction of three-dimensional wooden figures. Following one of his first exhibitions at "Pretty Portal," he committed to a full-fledged artistic career. Upon completing his studies successfully, he returned to Berlin, transforming it into a vibrant playground for his artistic endeavors.

Over the subsequent years, Berlin served as the launching pad for global travels with a singular objective: creating large murals. The artist's focus shifted to substantial and intricate commercial projects, encompassing house facades and fire walls in Berlin and the surrounding areas. These endeavors not only provided a means of livelihood but also became a central aspect of his work. Alongside this, Age Age seized the opportunity to contribute positively to future generations. Through workshops of various kinds, the artist shares his multifaceted expertise and imparts diverse techniques to those eager to learn.