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BustArt rejuvenates his life through his graffiti pop works, skillfully employing self-taught techniques and drawing inspiration from cartoon characters and childhood influences. Positioned as a neo-pop artist, BustArt feels compelled to extract characters and icons from their original contexts, offering a broader perspective through innovative compositions.

In 1999, BustArt embarked on his artistic journey with classical graffiti. By 2005, he had immersed himself in the entire spectrum of graffiti, achieving a new level of identification with the diverse facets of subculture. Beyond traditional graffiti, he began intertwining letters with cartoon-based characters, steering his art towards a more figurative direction. Stickers, stencils, and posters encountered during his European travels inspired further artistic evolution.

BustArt embraced a new set of techniques and skills, empowering him to introduce fresh motifs, statements, and street art experiments. His mission became clear—to communicate with people through street art, surprising pedestrians, prompting thought, and fostering a shared appreciation for vibrant urban spaces. The motivation to travel and explore the world added another layer to his artistic journey. Leaving his mark across the globe, BustArt's work graces cities such as New York, Berlin, Mumbai, London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Marseille, Amsterdam, and many more.