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Born in Bilbao in 1981, Victor Landeta is an international painter and street artist hailing from Getxo. He received his artistic training in Fine Arts in the Basque Country and London. Following his sojourn in London, where he blended his street art interventions with digital media studies, he made his way to Berlin. There, he undertook an extended residency at the iconic "Tacheles Art House," a bastion of modern art in Europe during the 1990s, until its closure in 2012.

During his global travels, Victor draws inspiration by immersing himself in local communities, ultimately crafting his distinctive pictorial style, characterized by a strong ethical disposition and a focus on social and advocacy themes.

He left an indelible mark by painting 14 segments of the Berlin Wall, including the "Nobels for Peace" series. Some of his works are on display at the Europe Museum in Schengen, the Jeanne D'Arc College in the outskirts of Paris, and the FEZ leisure center in Berlin, one of the largest in Europe.

Victor has painted in more than 14 countries, spanning 6 continents. His works adorn collections in Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Zurich, and Madrid. His artistic endeavors have been featured in local, national, and international press, as well as in various books, including "Donde en el mundo está el muro de Berlín" and "Resistencia y ciudad."