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The graffiti artist and painter, Nawak, embarked on her artistic journey in 2004 as a member of the VMD crew. During a stay in Latin America, she had her first encounter with murals, which left an indelible mark on her art and her commitment to community engagement.

Her path led her to join the activities of the Cruz del Sur association, which focuses on addiction prevention and violence awareness, with an educational and social mission aimed at underserved communities in Buenos Aires through art. It was here that she discovered her passion for creating murals.

Upon returning to France, she established the MURALS association in L’Île-Saint-Denis. Through this platform, she organized cultural activities with local residents, such as the ColorCité event, with a particular focus on creating vibrant street art murals. These initiatives serve to foster social bonds and intergenerational connections.

Nawak's artistic preference leans towards lettering, portraits, and characters. Her murals often feature these figures against a backdrop of richly graduated and ultra-colorful acrylic and aerosol backgrounds. The messages conveyed in her work are typically aligned with her commitment to social causes, mirroring her involvement in various community actions.

She is also a member of the graffiti collective "Who's that girl" along with K2B, Zomeka, Beds, Ely, Yoldie, Pearl, Pia, Shook, and others.