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The artist BOICUT, originally from Austria, currently resides and works in Vienna.

BOICUT's visual creations are predominantly illustrative, characterized by the use of impulsive lines and shapes. Since his early artistic journey, his work has drawn inspiration from popular culture, skateboarding, the inherent beauty of everyday objects, and the urban environment. What holds paramount significance for him, both in life and work, is the authenticity of his inner child and his true self.

During the pandemic, BOICUT ventured into the realm of electronic music, marking the inception of his musical project known as "LOWOAKS." Since then, he has released several tracks under this alias. Additionally, he has produced two frame-by-frame animations paired with sound loops, which were published on the Foundation platform. Notably, he has also composed a 42-minute soundtrack for his solo exhibition titled "Samples of Sanity," designed to be looped for an immersive experience.