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Olivier Hölzl, born on April 11, 1979 in Innsbruck, studied painting under Johanna Kandl at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since then, he has explored various other artistic media. Today, he considers himself a 21st-century conceptual artist for whom the outcome is as crucial as the concept itself. He selects a medium based on an idea that captivates him. Recently, he has primarily focused on sculpture. Thanks to his now well-known large-scale and intricately cut stencils, which he employs in either light installations or wall murals, the artist travels the world. Since 2017, Hölzl has created numerous video works in Germany, Senegal, France, India, America, Georgia, Portugal, Serbia, Austria, and Bulgaria. Since discovering stop-motion as a means of expression, he has been drawn to the media of photography and film, adeptly moving between them.

The artist translates profound themes in a multisensory manner, inviting viewers to discover new realities or see things from a different perspective. His extensive body of work also serves as an archive, attempting to document our era in a candid and open manner. Hölzl navigates a diverse artistic landscape, moving between white cubes, galleries, off-spaces, street art festivals, and even slums. In 2021 and 2022, the artist's works were exhibited in Cologne, Madrid, New York, Saarbrücken, Uzice, Rubin-Kazan, Berlin, Cluj, and Vienna.