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Noon is a female artist who studied at the Beaux-Arts in Montpellier and currently works between the Languedoc and the island of Oleron as a graphic designer and painter. Her painting is characterized by a use of geometric shapes and vibrant colors, which she explores on different media such as paper, walls and wood. She creates small-scale works, collages and murals, and enjoys moving from the street to the studio, where she finds the need to paint and draw.

For Noon, painting and drawing are a playful language in which she can play with the vibrations of color and form. Her geometric patterns are inspired by nature and decorative arts, creating a dreamlike and poetic world in her work. She has also collaborated with organizations such as Sea Shepperd, Learn & skate, NTR, Keep a Breast, Metroplastique, Quechua, Vinci, Bouygues immobilier, kulte, la Banque Populaire.