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PRO176 is a French artist born on July 26th, 1976 in Paris and raised in Choisy-le-Roi, a suburb of the city. Despite having no artistic background, he taught himself to draw at the age of 5 by copying the work of Jack Kirby, an American comic illustrator. This love of comics would influence his work throughout his career. PRO176's childhood was marked by the loss of his father in 1986, and the rough neighborhoods he grew up in inspired his later work.

In 1991, he joined the Grim Team, a notorious graffiti crew, and later became a founding member of the Ultra Boys International, which claimed a new form of graffiti that ignored other forms deemed "worthless". His style is heavily inspired by Jack Kirby's universe, incorporating futuristic machines, spaceships, and super villains into his art. In addition to graffiti, PRO176 has collaborated with various musicians and produced three albums.

Recently, his compositions have included large abstract figures with comic book bubbles, representing the hidden meanings and interpretations of things. In 2017, he began exhibiting his work at the Géraldine Zberro gallery in Paris and has been represented by the DAVID PLUSKWA gallery in Marseille since 2014.