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Graffiti artist based in Montpellier and inventor of the dynamic, colorful and saturated "modules". It's at the beginning of the 90's, thanks to a meeting in high school, that Momies enters the universe of the old school graffiti. He started under the fire of Pyre. He joined the circle of the first graffiti artists of his city. As a fan of "classic" graffiti, he travels to New York City, the mecca of graffiti, to meet "old school" graffiti artists. He also travels to see what is being done on the other side of the Atlantic. Parallel to his travels, which enriched his art, he dedicated himself to painting train cars with graffiti. It was a passion that would never leave him. In 1998, as he gradually moved away from traditional graffiti towards abstraction, he joined the POW crew, whose style was close to his own artistic evolution. The multiplication of the trips in Europe and in the United States, these stays will specify the graphic print of the Momies as we know it at the present time. In order to devote more time to his creations, the artist began to work in his studio and to exhibit his works in galleries. This doesn't prevent him from participating in many festivals and street art projects throughout France. What is the essence of his work? The monumentality, the inscription of his works in their environment in a notion of respect and sharing and, of course, the writing in the form of abstract, abundant and round "modules".