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Zeklo is a self-taught French artist. He belongs to the graffiti movement. He is a traveler at heart. He travels the world with his bomb and his pencil. His line is a real look at what surrounds him, on the walls or in his travel notebook. The daily life of those who cross his path is represented in his figurative and colorful works. Contemplative, patient and observant, he likes to show the invisible. He focuses on the details and reveals the hidden face of each person, the deep character that animates these subjects. Through his art, Zeklo internalizes the world in order to externalize it with subjectivity.
Since the beginning of the 2000's, Zeklo has been traveling the world, multiplying his appearances in France and abroad. In particular, he has participated in official street art events (London, Copenhagen, Marrakech...). He also won the Urban Vibrations of Pessac in 2017.
In parallel, the artist leads a workshop work that allows him to mix different techniques, but also to enhance other media that the wall, such as canvas or paper. He mainly uses acrylic paint or oil pastels. From July 25 to September 29, 2019, the artist will propose his latest achievements, more intimate and sedentary, representing reinterpreted portraits of people who animate his daily life, in the exhibition The Tower, presented at the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute. Zeklo positions himself as a discreet observer, capturing his loved ones without their knowledge, in the manner of this circular building, yet visible to all.