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Born in Paris in 1984, Olivier Secretan, alias Ose. Excited in his youth by the beyond black of Soulages, then by the line of Hartung, he knew that he would express himself through painting.

Hartung's line, he knew that his expression would be through painting. He was nourished by urban culture. He taught himself the stencil technique.

His aim is the representation of the truth of anonymous faces that, in his opinion, are marked, like him, by personal dramas. Since 2017, he is a member of the Montpellier collective Line Up. He stands out for the finesse of his cutting, which makes the features more complex instead of simplifying them. He develops his own technique. He uses only two layers, but with more details.

For his first solo exhibition at the Niñolas Xavier Gallery in 2019, he presents works made with sea water by selective rusting. This is a titanic work that an accident and illness prevent him from continuing. He then expresses in his paintings the sense of loss he has. In Valencia, after two years of reconstruction, he finds the strength to take up stencilling again. With a goldsmith's precision that frees his creativity.