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A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Avignon, Bault is a French artist and illustrator. Passionate about rap and graffiti for its free, free and unequal, he put his first tags at the age of 13. Bault made his weapons with several groups in particular TK, TSH and FDP then forsook the graffiti to devote himself to the video of art, the graphic design and the illustration. He is fascinated by art brut, the art of fools and children's drawings. His work is a kind of distorted realism. Bault is very interested in Brazilian artists and the pixaçao technique. It's a mixture of tagging and typographic research, where everyone is free to create their own signs to assert their ideals. His frescoes illustrate current events. He mixes acrylics, monochrome, bright colors, spray outlines.