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Oscar Maslard, also known as Sckaro, was born in 1985 in Le Havre. He has been interested in general knowledge and has had a curious mind since he was a child. At the age of 20, he decided to pursue painting after having received a musical education and playing the violin for a decade. His artistic journey has taken him from graffiti on walls, to dreamlike hyperrealism, to contemporary abstract paintings. His passion for painting has always been a calling, something that he has always wanted to do with his life.

In his oil paintings, he has adopted and explored classical painting techniques, including canvas work, grisaille, glaze, and varnish, as well as traditional elements like drapery and flesh. He has also adapted these techniques to fit the modern world. While his paintings often feature unlikely scenarios, he frequently highlights the importance of human relationships in his work.

Oscar's large-scale murals, created both alone and with his brother Ratur (Arthur Maslard), have been celebrated by French cities and have gained recognition internationally. He is emotionally invested in his work and has a deep intellectual and artistic curiosity. He draws inspiration from various sources, and music is an integral part of his creative process.

Self-taught, Oscar is constantly experimenting, discovering, and innovating. He has an unwavering love for color, whether in figuration or abstraction. Oscar Maslard, also known as Sckaro, is an up-and-coming artist whose work represents a language to be reckoned with in contemporary art.