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At the beginning of the 2000s, Matth Velvet began to paint on walls in the west of France.
The Atlantic, maritime life and port spaces then permeated his first plastic researches.

A passionate draftsman, he naturally turned to the applied arts. He also practiced graffiti. Gradually, he abandoned the aerosol for acrylic and oil paints. These allowed him a greater mastery of colors and their interactions.
At first, he also worked as an industrial designer. Later, he dedicated himself exclusively to his artistic practice.

Figurative and colorful, his painting is dreamy.
The world he depicts is both dreamlike and ordinary, 'fictional and real'.
His subjects are a combination of his memories and personal history with a rigorous observation of his surroundings.
Architecture and manufactured objects occupy a central place in his work. They materialize our activities and aspirations.
The figures, on the other hand, are often numerous and are observed with a certain distance in his compositions. They are the extras of the context in which they develop.
For Matth Velvet, everything is just a fleeting, carefree and fleeting presence. It is in synthetic spaces, imbued with artificiality.
His works always have a narrative dimension that is up to the viewer's interpretation.

He is currently a resident of Bordeaux, France.