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Mr. Difuz is of Belgian and Uruguayan origin. He was born in Paris in 1985. He began his career as a painter at the age of 13 with illegal graffiti. In 2008, after a trip to South America, he decided to devote himself entirely to painting and illustration. In the characters he invents, his figurative universe takes shape. A society in which humans and animals sometimes merge, straight from his imagination. The work of the letter is also important. It refers to all his inspiration from graffiti.

Mr. Difuz is also an active member and founder of the Kintflosh collective since 2001. Today, Kintflosh is recognized as an activist in the Marseille graffiti and hip hop scene. Over the last three years, he has been invited to participate in numerous artistic meetings in France and abroad. He has taken part in major international events such as the Meeting of Style in Peru and Belgium.