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At the age of 14, Pierre Guindou, known as Gamo, 31, made his first tags. He is a member of the crew of the PM.

To acquire a certain technical mastery of sketching on the wall, he spent several years in the field. When he was 24, he met the artists Difuz and Onirik. With them, he created an association in Aix-en-Provence called "Project 21". The aim was to create a group dynamic for painting and travel.

Soon after, they left the graffiti scene in Aix. They closed the association and moved to Marseille. In 2012, Gamo created his gallery OZ. He promotes young artists.

Active in the street, he uses aerosol to create his works. They are generally colorful, full of creatures and animals that always seem to be full of stories...

He claims to have a graphic style. In illustration as in graffiti, he recognizes himself in the work of JAW (PM-DMV), BOM K (DMV), Number 6 (pioneer in France in deforming and losing the standardized proportions of the character in graffiti).