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Born in 1982, TEMPO NOK is a painter and visual artist. He articulates his work on the notion of time, which he embodies through a game of transparency and a work on vanities. To create a universe that is both dreamlike and embodied, he diverts the 3D technique, a legacy of graffiti lettering. His forms are voluptuous and his features are airy. His themes revolve around the notion of temporality at the heart of human existence.

Witnesses to a moment, a life, an encounter, an epoch, his skulls or vanities. A striking vision of the present moment appears in each of them. Because TEMPO NOK likes to question time above all. He questions people's memory, the memory of past events that have marked history, religion or, more broadly, the concept of faith. He then develops a symbolic language. It confronts the viewer with the fragility and moving transience of existence. TEMPO NOK combines the vanities of Flemish still life by Sébastien Stoskopff with the graphic research of Jiri Georg Dokoupil. He mixes academicism and modernity to introduce the philosophical concepts that obsess him, such as the essential memento mori.

At the age of 17, he discovered the practice of graffiti. It was in the southern suburbs of Paris, in Vigneux-Sur-Seine, where he spent his childhood. In 1999, he joined the N.O.K. collective. He began painting at night. At the same time, he was in training in the field of visual communication. His artistic direction was revealed in 2006. He went to Japan. Invited by the Tokyo artists Imaone, Tengaone and Ndec, he left his mark on the walls of the Japanese capital. It was through this experience that he discovered a local paint with low opacity for domestic use. He began to use it. Its lack of opacity challenged his technique. For the first time, the play of transparency was anchored in his subject.