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Born in 1977 in Bordeaux, Monsieur Poulet discovered graffiti in the early 90s through the Bordeaux magazine "33 C'Fresh" and quickly went from spectator to actor. His first paintings were inspired by what was being done in northern Europe: chrome and letters. But two fines in a row temporarily put an end to his passion.

In the early 2000s, street art arrived in the streets and revived a dormant flame. Monsieur Poulet invested in city centers by pasting painted or printed posters representing illustrations of puns. Little by little, the character of the Chicken appeared through these puns. Present in Bordeaux at a time when street art was not yet in fashion, Monsieur Poulet acquired a small local notoriety and regularly saw photos of his collages in the press. The artist traveled with his Chicken to new cities: New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, and Berlin served as a backdrop for new posters featuring puns translated into the local language.

After several years of pasting posters, Monsieur Poulet decided to return to spray painting and explored a large number of urban, industrial, and rural wastelands in the Southwest. In these places, as in others, he staged his totem animal, whose features have evolved over the years: it now has a rounded and plump shape and characteristic yellow and orange colors.

Monsieur Poulet's art is intended to be accessible, benevolent, naive, light, apolitical, filled with humor, joy, and colors, with no other goal than to bring a smile to those who look at it. The artist is committed to making his painting playful and open to everyone. His childish comic book-style drawing particularly appeals to younger audiences. And it is with this in mind that the artist created his first book in 2017: a book for children aged 4 to 8 telling the adventures of the little Chicken wanting to leave the dull city of "NulCity".