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Born in 1980 in Montpellier, Franck 'Zest' Noto grew up in an artistic family and discovered graffiti at the young age of eight. He made his first attempt at graffiti in 1995 and continued to experiment with it as a form of artistic expression. Zest joined the TDM crew, where he found a supportive and fraternal community, and created murals in cities across the world, from New York to Noumea to various European capitals.

As a self-taught artist, Zest began painting in a studio around 2000. Since then, he has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world. Zest's signature style is also found on many murals around the globe, including in Toulouse, Montpellier, St. Tropez, Bordeaux, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, and Zaragoza. He has collaborated with notable figures in the design and fashion world, such as Philippe Starck, agnès b, and Uniqlo.

Although Zest began with a more figurative and graffiti-based style, he eventually transitioned to a more contemporary, abstract, and cubist direction. He describes this change in style as a shift from simply translating what he observed to expressing what he felt. Zest's inspiration is limitless, and he is passionate about exploring the harmonies between form and color, synthesizing various influences into his unique style. His artworks transmit and reflect his experiences as an active member of the graffiti world in a contemporary way, using basic shapes and primary colors to convey the energy found in different disciplines.