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El Rey de la Ruina is an artist born in Barcelona. He has been living in Madrid for almost 10 years. Through graffiti and painting in public spaces, he shows us a personal vision of society, iconic images that, through repetition, become etched in the retinas of passersby, becoming vehicles for sour and poetic messages. Their hearts with phrases are already part of the identity of the streets of Madrid and have appeared on television, in the press and other publications on many occasions.

His sculptural work is a collage of styles, patterns and primary colors vividly combined. In his graphic and mural work, he distances himself from iconic images to enter a world of symbols. Floral motifs, hands and portraits tell us endless stories, sometimes of protest and anger, sometimes poetic and inspiring.

He has worked in artist residencies and urban art festivals in cities all over Spain. He has also worked internationally in countries such as Mexico, Uganda and France.