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Helen Bur is a British artist who divides her time between the UK and travelling. She has participated in outdoor and indoor projects around the world from Brazil to Norway, with exhibitions in the USA, UK and Europe. Sensitive and poetic narratives are used as tools to dissect and understand experience, using traditionally influenced techniques in figuration.

Silent Shout is an exhibition of new work which will be on view in Gallery 3 on the ground floor of the Saatchi Gallery from 12 November to 5 December 2021. Admission to the exhibition is free. Works are available for purchase.

Painted figures are captured in moments of quiet action, self-reflection and stillness in this new body of work by British artist Helen Bur. Obscured in the pause of a gesture and imbued with a sense of the surreal. Bur sensitively depicts the people around her as fragments of a larger picture. Internal dialogues become social narratives. The personal becomes global.