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Artez was born in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia in the year 1988. At a very young age, he was confronted with the conflict-ridden political situation and the graffiti culture that began to appear on the streets of Belgrade in the 90's. This new form of expression inspired Artez to start spraying in public spaces at the age of 15. The temporary nature of graffiti gave him the freedom to experiment with different styles and tools used for painting. The constant change of "workspace" awakened his love for creating art in public space. Artez soon mastered the use of the spray can as a painting tool. He used it to create different graffiti styles & characters, 3D letters & photorealism. Over the years his focus has shifted from small scale spray can painting to large scale mural painting with acrylic wall paint, brushes and rollers. The style can be described as a mixture of realism and illustration that he has created over the years.