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Younes Faghihi is an abstract painter born in Iran in 1981. He immigrated to France in 2011 and lives in Paris.
He states: "Letters and words are the vital elements of communication for human beings. In many countries, if intellectual thoughts are expressed by speaking, it is imprisoned, if it is written, it is censored, and I found the way to free the words and thoughts in my paintings. I paint the Persian Letters, which were the tools I used to express my emotions from growing up until now. I have made my own brushes and pens in large sizes. So that the letters can express themselves freely on my canvas".
In his childhood, when he was 10 years old, he showed his talent in art. He started painting. Years later, he also showed interest in calligraphy.
He received his high school diploma in graphic design in 1997. In 2003, he received his bachelor's degree in visual arts in Iran. In 2001, he received the highest degree as a professional calligrapher from the Iranian Calligraphy Association because of his interest in calligraphy.
In 2010, he received a research scholarship from Cite International Des Arts in Paris. Since then, he has been living in Paris. Soon after his immigration to France, his artworks were exhibited in GRK Gallery in 2013 in Paris. After that, Le100 Gallery (Paris) in 2016, Olivier Mousson Gallery (Paris) in 2018 and Donya art gallery in 2021 (Paris) represent his artworks. In addition, he took part in group exhibitions such as Bonham's, Kamil art gallery and Nicolas Flamel gallery.
He makes sculptures and shaped canvases, as he says "to fly the letters out of the traditional rectangular canvas and let them present themselves in three dimensions and form the shape of the canvas as they want" to continue the shaped canvas movement led by artists such as Frank Stella, Larry Bell and others.
He has been a member of the House of Art in Paris for almost 11 years. He works as an independent full-time artist in Paris.