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Originally from Paris, this graphic designer and drawing enthusiast started Cannibal Letters in 1999 under several pseudonyms. In 2010, he really established himself under this name.

At the heart of his work is typography, his passion, but also a universe of comics and illustration in which he finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration. For him, letters are eaten in all sauces. They are consumed without moderation. On every possible medium, from the drawing board to the canvas, from the baseball bat to the motorcycle helmet, and, of course, on the walls.

In fact, his artistic research concentrates on the letter, which he elevates to the status of the main subject of his work. He exploits it in all its forms, without excluding the addition of illustrative elements such as characters or other decorative objects.

The letter alone is no longer the only excuse to produce. He also tries all techniques. He tries to develop his work with each project, from acrylic paint, spray paint, graffiti, screen printing, or even scenography as in LAB 14 and REHAB 2.