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Mathieu Taupenas (alias Swed Oner), is a 37-year-old French figurative artist residing in the south of France (Uzès). His career as a muralist began at the end of the 90's with graffiti.
His art acts as a bridge between the street, the people, the cultures. He draws his inspiration from the cradle of diversity, the arteries of cities. His fortuitous encounters with the other lead him first to a work of photography, then in a second time, to the realization of a painting. The singularity of his subjects questions us in turn about the passage of time, the definition of beauty, feelings. His photos are portraits of simple street people, "faces", expressive faces. But the appeal of its frescoes lies in the little story behind it. He very often paints homeless people, homeless people he meets near the place to paint.
His acrylic and aerosol technique, brings us a cachet, an authenticity, striking in his portraits. The luminous halo that highlights his paintings makes reference to equality, protection and spirituality. Capturing the real to transpose it into the unreal is the culmination of Swed Oner's work.