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Zabou is a French street artist based in London. She travels and paints realistic murals, making the world a more colourful place, one wall at a time.

Zabou takes photographs of her subjects, focusing on their expression and emotions. Working mostly with spray paint, she transforms them into striking large-scale black and white portraits with colourful backgrounds. She likes to push visual and spatial boundaries, sometimes creating playful pieces.
Her artistic world revolves around both contemporary and universal topics, and explores what makes us humans: hope, love, fears, art, nature, and many more. She finds inspiration in the everyday life, but also in the history and the surroundings of where she paints.

Zabou takes part in festivals and art projects all around the world, from Europe and Asia to America. Beyond her travels, her accomplishments also include speaking at events, featuring in specialist books and magazines, as well as being asked to exhibit her work multiple times at Saatchi Gallery in London. In March 2022, the gallery presented ‘In Their Eyes’, the artist’s first solo exhibition.