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Brusk is a French artist. He was born in 1976 in Saint-Priest, near Lyon. He discovered street art in the 90's. He made his first graffiti at the Gare de Lyon Part-Dieu. After that, Brusk enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne. After graduating, he joined DMV (Da Mental Vaporz). This crew is very well known in Europe. Brusk expresses himself through various media: video, computer, photo, canvas... in addition to the walls. His style has evolved over time and his technical mastery allows him to create a wide variety of works: figurative, abstract, realistic, graphic... He also works in 3D, textiles, furniture design and packaging. His style is characterized by his mastery of dripping. This technique gives his drawings a "dripping" appearance. Brusk is inspired by inspiration. He does not claim to have a specific message: "The use of the street as an open-air gallery is in itself a claim," the artist confides. The art market has widely recognized Brusk's work.