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Emilie Sajot studied interior design and scenography. She joined the Paris Opera in 2006 as a decorative painter. In contact with the greatest scenographers, she developed her professionalism and creativity. She explored the techniques of material and color. The large canvases of the Opera naturally led him to the desire for "large formats".

The art of the city will offer him the possibility to live new experiences. Emilie Sajot becomes Lady M. In 2015, she signs her first wall and devotes herself exclusively to working as a visual artist.

She develops her artistic research on canvas as well as on walls. She uses matter, texture, color and geometry as a source of inspiration.

With a controlled intuition, his compositions evoke the notion of space: a dreamy and surreal universe, halfway between abstraction and figuration, which he calls "Figurative Abstraction".

Inspired by the notion of space, she repositions man in a constantly changing environment. He searches for a horizon, a landmark that justifies his presence. During her interventions in public space, her frescoes become fields of escape and oxygen, whirlpools, real passages to the worlds of the spirit.

Her work is a contemporary staging. The artist creates her own decoration.