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Kogaone is a painter from Metz. He works with multimedia and multi-techniques. With their dark irony, their varied palettes and their unusual, even disturbing combinations, his works leave a mark on the viewer's mind. His work is as much inspired by the works of the masters as it is by man's inscription in the codes of his time. He is a keen observer of his contemporaries and their often contradictory natures. He explores the transformation, the paradox, the embarrassment that occurs when the familiar is deformed or fractured by external influences. He distorts a scene of life, displacing or deforming fragments. He even combines/opposes photorealism with a more raw and expressionistic painting. He plays with the notion of realism by contrasting shapes, colors, or materials. He stretches this notion to abstraction. These contrasting ideas are then frozen, under the brush, into a final visual unity. It is a way of discovery and acceptance of the singular beauty that is revealed in the hesitation, the unfinished, the imperfection.