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Tvboy, real name Salvatore Benintende, was born in Palermo on July 16, 1980.

TVboy was born in Sicily. He grew up in Novate Milanese. He produced his first graffiti in 1996. He signed with the pseudonym Crasto. He enrolled at the Milan Polytechnic in 1999 to study design. He studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao for a year in 2002.

Using the stencil technique, he paints on the screens of old televisions, takes part for the first time in an exhibition at the Faculty of Design in Milan and begins to be known as Crasto the TVboy. Tvboy covered the walls of Milan with graffiti and stickers of faces taken from television screens using the same technique.

He abandons stenciling, finding it too impersonal, and begins freehand graffiti, using spray paint or markers.

Pop art, comics and video games inspire TVboy.