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Kathrina Rupit aka KinMx is a visual artist. She lives between Dublin, Ireland and Tulum, Mexico.

Kathrina was born in northern Mexico. She graduated from the University of Visual Arts in Nuevo Leon. 

Kathrina began painting murals in the early part of her life. She traveled extensively and learned from the many cultures, ethnicities and landscapes she experienced during this time. She settled in Dublin. She has since become a prominent figure in Ireland's street art scene.

She is one of the founders of the Minaw Collective. It's an all-female street art collective, the first of its kind in the country. 

KinMx focuses on environmentalism and sustainability as an artist.

She has had collaborations with Greenpeace International, Amnesty International, United Nations and Street Art For Mankind. KinMx has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Asia in both group and solo exhibitions. 

Kathrina is currently in the process of the development of an artist residency in Tulum. It will focus on teaching future generations of artists and makers the sustainable practices and knowledge of indigenous and native communities.