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I started my activities in the graffiti movement in 1989. I started by writing tags on walls and I also painted on trains and railway walls, but very soon what attracted me most were the more elaborate paintings, especially the wild styles.
In 1994, I designed my first 3D pieces. It was a style that I wanted to make my own, adding my personal touch inspired by the world of mechanics and organics.
However, I never lost sight of the original "calli-graffiti" influence. It's still essential in my search for letter designs. My work with Truskool and Leclub has been guided by this.
My style has evolved from the many influences I've encountered while traveling in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and from my growing interest in art.
From my work on the walls, my transition to canvas is the natural progression. The medium, the means and the subjects I choose are the logical consequence of my past, present and future life.