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Cédric Lascours, better known as Reso, is a graffiti artist. He has a very unique style that has made him famous all over the world. He was raised in Toulouse. Self-taught, obsessed with the letter and repetitive rhythms, Reso stands out as a fundamental graffiti artist on the international street scene. He is the father of the "Wild Style" movement, a "complicated and complex form of graffiti" that plays with perspective and lettering.

His research focuses on the graphics of calligraphy, the letter as a curve. It is expressed through intertwined, abstract and energetic lines. A search for harmony underlies the coloring of his works.

Reso draws inspiration from his personal experiences, leaving room for gesture and movement in his often large-scale works. The artist is very active on the international scene. He graffiti lettering, characters and realistic scenes, allowing him to represent humanity in all its diversity.

An international graffiti artist, a specialist in lettering, Reso has exhibited his work in Morocco, Colombia, Germany, France and also in Asia. He organizes graffiti meetings on the five continents. He's invited by associations.