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Originally from Sète, it was in Montpellier, where Maye grew up, that he discovered graffiti at the age of 13 and fell in love with hip hop culture. He has always been passionate about drawing. Graffiti allows Maye to get out of his neighborhood, to discover other people and other cultures, especially that of skateboarding. Encounters that, since 2004, only enrich his knowledge and his new school surrealist art. In 2013, he started painting on canvas. He wanted to continue his art, to develop his works in more detail and to give his characters a narrative, drawing inspiration from his murals.

While the artist initially drew short and overweight figures, he decided to go in the opposite direction of his own drawing to create curious, long, wiry, slender and curvaceous individuals. es. At the center of dreamlike, poetic, or even absurd situations, these strange figures seem to be suspended in the air or held by ropes, like puppets on which a series of elements are incorporated, thus offering passersby reading keys.

Acrylic, spray can, brush, pen... so many techniques that Maye uses to create the gradations of pastel colors in her works, which are often inspired by nature. Although natural landscapes appear frequently in Maye's work, urban planning is emphasized. This reflects our contemporary society and all the issues that arise from it.

Maye happens to work with his cousin Momies. Momies is a famous graffiti artist from Montpellier. Their worlds mix well, with Momies being influenced by both the New York graffiti scene and the New School, and Maye being influenced by the New School.