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Born in Montauban in 1982, the visual artist Nicolas Giraud, aka 100Taur, now lives in Toulouse and works in his studio in Saint-Orens-of-Gameville, on the outskirts of Toulouse.

Painter, sculptor, graffiti artist... the very rich creative universe of 100Taur is unique. And for good reason: 100Taur has a visceral need for pure technique, even though he began by studying classical applied arts, notably at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. Then he had the chance to meet the artist and engraver Marc Dautry. He shared his vision of the world. He would go on to become his master. At his side, Giraud learned many pictorial techniques that made 100Taur a complete artist. He was part of the underground American "Low Brow" movement in San Francisco.

The greats of the 20th century, Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat and others, also influenced 100Taur's art. Literature (comics such as the writings of Edgar Allan Poe) also plays an important role in the Toulouse man's sources of inspiration.

But Mythology remains the supporting pillar on which he works. In fact, Nicolas Giraud chose the pseudonym 100Taur in reference to the chimerical creature of the centaur Chiron. He was passionate about Chiron from an early age.

Throughout his work, this interest in monsters is evident. The canvases of 100Taur are inhabited by fantastic hybrids, crosses between humans and strange animals, always keeping in mind Goya's famous quote "The sleep of reason produces monsters".