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Veks Van Hillik was born in 1988. He's already a renowned artist of the Lowbrow movement in France and abroad. He has always been a painter, inspired by the flora and fauna that surrounds him. This has become the main subject of his work. Tattoo artist, painter and street artist, this gifted artist is rightly considered a genius in his discipline. Painted in oil on wood or sprayed on a huge wall, his works are characterized by the surreal touch of the artist, who is inspired as much by the works of the illustrator Gustave Doré (from the 19th century, Tales of Perrault, Fables de La Fontaine...), Caravaggio, Ingres, Dali or texts by André Breton.

Veks Van Hillik draws many of his graphic references from the world of pop culture, video games and comics, as do most artists of his generation. Veks leaves his mark on the walls of cities, galleries and the skin of his admirers from Rome to Brooklyn, from Grenoble to Melbourne.