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SISMIKAZOT is the name of our duo. We sign our paintings and creations with this name.

To put it more simply, we are Paul ( and Rémi (, two college friends from Lot, where we are based in a small town called Cornac.

Coming from the graffiti movement, an environment in which we cut our teeth and then discovered the wheels in 2007, we thirsted to constantly evolve as we met and as we traveled. The result, in 2012, was the birth of an artistic identity in line with our personality, our need for encounters and exchanges that today form the basis of our work.

Our work is far from certain codes of graffiti, while keeping some lines. Our work mixes abstract, figurative and typography. These three elements are the narrators of stories and emotions through our paintings. Articulated differently, they bind and unbind, allowing each to exist sometimes alone.

We are passionate about photography, sensitive and complementary. We travel the roads with a simple approach, in search of authenticity, love and closeness. All this inspires us and gives us the energy to keep going forward.