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WEN2 is a Brest artist. He was born in 1976. Inspired by the hip-hop culture, he has been developing since his childhood. He has been part of different crews and local collectives in Brest. He is trained in applied arts. In parallel to his art, he has a professional activity related to urban planning and architecture. Wen2 has an obvious ease in drawing the city, its textures, its skeleton, its aggregates. He combines technical know-how with aesthetic intelligence. His inspiration comes directly from his environment, aware of our changing world and sometimes collapsologist.

By giving a second life to the elements that make him up (containers, rusty trains, abandoned sites...), Wen2 denounces, with finesse and sensitivity, excessive industrialization and mass consumption (waste, nuclear power, the decommissioning of civilization, concrete cities, ecocides...). Divided between his family and his tribe, his workshop and the walls, he tells his reality with poetry.

Wen2 mainly exhibits in Finistère. His works are also on sale in Charenton (Paris region), Lyon, Paris and England.