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Based in Nantes, Pedro is a painter/illustrator. Member of the crew 100pression. A child of the 80's, Pedro swam from an early age in an artistic environment, oscillating between skate imagery, the world of US comics, 20th century painting and the graffiti of the 90's. He turned to the practice of muralism.

Pedro confronts colors, shapes and materials as if they were words. He creates a unique language. His universe is populated by a bestiary, where the animal is a human figure and the human is an animal. He offers the spectator his unconscious zoo, between abstraction and figuration.

His work combines classical painting techniques and the practice of spray painting. It depicts man through the animal figure in the manner of a fabulist. Raw and naive, under an uninhibited line, his paintings provoke a harmony in tension, balanced on the fault, or alternately play words and patterns.