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Visual artist and street artist from Reims, I draw figurative creations based on the bestiary and nature. My colorful postpop universe develops on canvas through graphic creations, psychedelic and positive.

My paintings are a window on life and its diversity, a dreamlike, often nonhuman world where life abounds. This work is an echo of a lack of nature, a need for a return to the wild, primal and instinctive world from which man has separated himself in the course of his evolution. This contrasts with the modern world, which is in a hurry, so humanized that it has become dehumanizing.

My artistic universe evolves both on the canvases in the workshop and on the walls of cities through urban art projects, street art. My interventions are mainly in the form of large format murals. The goal is the symbolic restoration of a place for wild animals in our cities and the raising of awareness for environmental issues.