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Expressive and poetic, Sphiza's (1987, Portugal) figurative portraits speak of the beauty of humanity, its inscrutable individuality and the unique power of the act of being. Inspired by the coexistence and confluence of individual lives and histories in the collective space of cities, the artist has gained a reputation within the graffiti scene for the originality with which she has developed an overtly figurative language. 
Faces, portraits, people, personalities, characters, shapes that come alive through methodical volumetric composition, created by layers of colour, contrasting layers that bring brilliance and eloquence to the walls they inhabit.

Until the age of 13, when she moved to the city of Porto, she grew up in the rural environment of a village that defined her life. She still sees herself in this duality, "rural and urban" as she says.  

Sphiza seems to reflect on the emotional distance that separates those who live isolated and yet close to the city in her world of colours and contrasts, in the poetic solidity with which she portrays human nature, in the stories and lives she tells, in the melancholy or vivacity with which she plays on individual differences and similarities. A contemporary dimension that she seems to want to console. Humanly. Simply and poetically.