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Vittorio Valiante's art is itinerant, made on the street far from the artificial lights and the protective walls of an artist's studio. The street becomes a metaphor for his art. An art that manages to strip and strip itself of superfluity. Valiante depicts the faces of children with a firm expression, they are ready to be observed leaving in the eyes of those who look at them an extreme delicacy despite the expressive pictorial force made of saturated and bright colors. Faces appear as if they were alive, vibrant with humanity, creating an atmosphere imbued with unconscious emotions. Behind the melancholy gaze of the eyes is hidden the feeling of the artist who seems to find and restore lost innocence. Vittorio Valiante was born in Naples on January 22, 1991. He lives and works in Naples. He studied at the Sister Orsola Benincasa art school. After a short period at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, as a self-taught he deepens Rembrandt and the Neapolitan Macchiaioli school of the late 1800s and early 1900s.