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Thirty-year-old Tio Balouz grew up in the studio of an artist father, a specialist in trompe l'oeil and a grandfather who spent his life reproducing Van Gogh with passion and precision. He therefore assisted his father on many murals and exhibitions, from a young age. But Tio Balouz is not very interested in the figurative: it is the abstract and geometry that fascinate him.

Geometry is present all around us, in our environment. It leaves nothing to chance, and even if spontaneity is an integral part of Tio Balouz's creative process, each line has its place and its story. These lines are for Tio Balouz the foundation of everything, and it is a way of paying homage to them. They represent the paths of life, with all the obstacles that we encounter, the different possible alternatives. Nothing is fixed, everything is in motion. Like these lines that come to life according to our movements. Observing your environment, deconstructing space and recreating it in your own way. It's a way of appropriating what already exists and reshaping it as you wish, by adapting your perspective and broadening your horizons.

Tio Balouz paints on everything, but the wall is his favorite playground. Put color in the streets, for everyone, without distinction. Brighten up the daily lives of passers-by, arouse interest and questioning. Play with the spectator by making him interact with his movements.

Since 2018 he has been flying on his own and creating in his own name. The projects are stimulating, the young artist blossoms very quickly and feels more at ease. The human and social aspect of its projects is no stranger to this. He likes to set up participatory projects with a wide variety of audiences (residents of IME, school audiences, children from Childhood Social Assistance, minors in prison, refugees, adults in reintegration) who are sometimes far from traditional artistic circuits.

Art belongs to everyone and if some people feel alienated from art, Tio Balouz considers it his duty as an artist to reach out to them. Broadening horizons, transmitting, sharing, federating around artistic practice, this is what drives him. And if in addition it can create passions...

Even if the wall is in his heart, Tio Balouz began to transpose his lines by collaborating with other artists / craftsmen: metal sculpture, vegetable fresco, installation, carved Placoplâtre, wooden sculpture, plexiglass ... with a view to 'an exhibition. The exploration of lines using other materials imposed itself on him, without forgetting painting!