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In 2014, four young talented artists left Vitebsk (Belarus) and moved to Russian St. Petersburg. It was the HoodGraff team, whose members have been painting on the streets since 2010 and come up with photorealistic portraits. In St. Petersburg, under the name MyHoodIsGood, they began to depict the faces of cult musicians, film actors, artists, rappers, athletes on large walls, invariably arousing the admiration of the city's residents and the displeasure of a single official who tries to make sure that all the group's magnificent works were buffed.

Later, two participants (Yan Kuzmin and Gleb Kashtanov) moved to Sochi and continued to paint as a duet YouFeelMySkill (now they paint separately). At this point, the HoodGraff team consists of the leader and producer Anton Boorj (he himself does not paint, he only helps) and the main artist Ilya "1m5orry" Is. It was Ilya who painted the famous works of the group for the last 5 years.