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Pimax was born in 1975. He is a performer activist who came through an offbeat world, eager of experiences, graffiti and electronic music. He is a founder of « Toulouse Hardcore Sound System », underground collective born in the early 90’s.

He lives in Paris, where He decorates the streets with his stencils, ephemeral paintings that recycle the classics, as in his reinterpretation of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, to which He adds the banana from The Velvet, or his representation of Gō Nagai’s UFO, Goldorak, the famous Japanese cartoon, who gladly shows us his middle finger. These two mythical characters from the 20th century pop culture are frequently found on walls throughout the city.

In parallel with this graphic and generous universe, PIMAX brings to life and develops the legend of Nourf Nourf, the urban red dog who grew up and evolves in the city of concrete and gray; he constructs the ideal world in his image.

Nourf Nourf, the red dog with graphic features is an allegory of the man in the city. To free himself, he builds an ideal world in his own image: the writings used are a tribute to and reference to the Impressionists, by their abstract font:

The blue codifies the sky, the green, the grass, the red, the poppies, the yellow the sun and the black evokes the crows of Van Gogh. This imaginary world is that of Impressionourf.