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Fabio de Oliveira Parnaiba, better known as Cranio, is born in 1982 and has grown up in Sao Paulo. His artist name is actually his childhood nickname he got while he was in school. He was the smartest kid in his class, so the other kids named him Cranio, someone with a big brain. Cranio means Skull in Portuguese and Brazilian. He began his art journey in 1998 by writing his name on the walls, influenced by graffiti from other artists he saw around the city, like Os Gemeos. It did not take long until he started drawing characters that gave a bit of humor to the grayness of the concrete walls. He’s a self-taught artist, who learned everything he knows about the art on the streets. Over the years, his technique and context, which are essential for his work, have improved drastically, without affecting the sharpness of the style he’s known for.

It was luck that he was born in Sao Paolo, a city with a very strong culture of graffiti and a capital of the graffiti world today, according to many art critics. Cranio’s work is a mix of street art and fine art, where he depicts his own life, everything he sees, hears, or lives through. There is a lot going on in the world today – a lot of good, but a lot of bad as well. Cranio takes great pleasure in criticizing everything he defines as ‘wrong’. He has been improving his techniques, innovating in the context, but without losing the style he is known for.