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Azər Məmmədli (Azer Mammadli), nicknamed "Azy" (aka "Azyadeon"), is an innately talented monumentalist, illustrator and graffiti artist. Despite studying history at the university, Azer's interest in visual arts from an early age became an art that brought the artist popularity in Baku and the Caucasus. Having the ability to draw as a child, Azer began to develop his personal style and aesthetics at a young age. As he gained experience, he learned new techniques and in 2009 began working in the field of graffiti. First, the artist begins to gain experience by creating graffiti on paper and develops his writing technique before creating works on the walls. Inspired by the techniques of other artists he follows on the Internet, he improves his skills. The artist has participated in a number of festivals, and his handicrafts have been commissioned by private organizations, cafes, as well as public art projects held in Baku and other parts of Azerbaijan. Azer participated in events such as the 2nd Baku Graffiti Festival (2013), Park Boulevard Graffiti Festival (2015), Shahdag Festival (2016, 2017). In addition, the artist took part in the Fabrikaffiti festival in Tbilissi (Georgia) in 2017 and 2018, and his handicrafts were engraved on the facade of the famous Factory Hotel. His work was also included in the Red Monday exhibition in 2014, the 404 Found exhibition in 2015, and the artist's solo show "Azareal". The artist's handicrafts were also exhibited at the Natavan Gallery in Baku. Azer is currently working on the organization of the upcoming solo exhibition.
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